Firing John Bolton Means Strike Against the USA is in Trump/Putin Pipeline

Donald Trump now knows there is no way he wins a fair election in 2020. The situation is that bad for him and the GOP. But there is no quit in his sickness which tells him he must win at any cost. And of course, with all the crimes and financial crimes Donald Trump has been involved in – not only as candidate and president but since his childhood – he knows once he is out there is nothing that can keep him our of jail.

Did you ever think of why they call them dictators? It’s because “what they say must go”. The root is “dictate”. And the reason they need this to be so is they are all stealing from their own people. How do you think Putin went from a KGB operative to the richest man on the planet in 10 years? Honest business? No way!

So why does Trump fire Bolton over this Taliban thing? It’s because something was up. I never fully the 911 attack was totally unknown to all Americans. I wondered about Dick Cheney. He gained so much from that attack. And Donald Trump has shown he does not mind some people dying if it furthers his agenda and keeps him in power.

So if Donald Trump was going “look the other way” and let the USA be seriously hit again – where would that be? It would not be New York this time. It comes down to what people are expendable to him. And that leaves me thinking of two places. One already had a scare. HAWAII. The other is Los Angeles.

I’m sorry. But if we let Donald Trump stay on as president another year, we could lose Hawaii or Los Angeles. He must be stripped of his war powers and pardon powers. The attack would happen next year, after the Dems pick their candidate, but before the election.

Another strategy could be look the other way while bad actors like the Taliban attack the Democratic Convention and take out all Trump’s opponents in one fell swoop. And the final strategy is to look the other way while bad actors attack the grid here so there is no election possible until “he can figure out what the hell is going on”. Yes, that’s a quote from “his sickness”. He has warned us. We just have to listen.

In order to stay in power, Donald J Trump must get to martial law, tanks in the streets, curfews with police on this side. He knows he can’t win. He is working on this. To think he will just smile and turn the presidency over to whom the American people choose in 2020 is just stupid.

I live in Los Angeles. I am planning not to be here next summer unless his powers are curtailed or he is impeached and jailed by then.